The Timeless Appeal of Indian Furniture

There’s nothing like real wooden furniture, especially if it’s handcrafted and manufactured in India. It assumes the semblance of an authentic artwork, almost similar to the rustic furniture found in India.Ethnic Indian furniture has not only found its pride in India, but also across the world. Regardless of whether you are looking for sofas or drawing room upholstery, dining room furniture, wicker or rattan furniture, beds, contemporary, modern or reproductive antique, there’s an exhaustive range to choose, from which you can furnish your interiors.Indian furniture comprises of chairs, tables, beds, patio furniture and a wide range of home furnishings. Furniture crafted in India, use all varieties of wood including oak, cane, sandalwood, coconut, rosewood and teak, to bring to you the sundry and vibrant colors of nature. The wood is usually imported to India from all across the world and local craftsmen, who have been employed in the profession for generations, convert raw wood to exquisite pieces of art. It’s pertinent to mention that due to the tropical nature of the country, India itself grows most woods in large numbers. In fact, sandalwood is considered by Indians to be a gift of god. It has a wonderfully pleasant fragrance which lasts for centuries.Many of the largest Indian wooden furniture manufacturers and exporters are based in the western state of Rajasthan. Prominent furniture-producing towns of the state include Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer. Designs range from the classic to simple and the furniture retains high functionality.As already said, the sources of wood are the sustainable forests in the country. Felling of trees has been reined in by the government as threats towards global warming increase by the day. Cultivation and felling is encouraged by the authorities and most large manufacturers operate under strict government guidelines. The Indian furniture business, especially wooden furniture, has continued to flourish.Of all the types of wood used in the making of Indian furniture, sheesham is perhaps the most popular. It’s a great variety of wood to work with as it comprises a quality which transcends to great standards when it becomes a component of your home furniture. Sheesham wooden furniture is extremely popular for manufacturing living room upholstery, although beds, side tables and cupboards are quite popular as well. Sheesham is usually considered to add plenty of detail to Indian wooden furniture and blends seamless with the rest of the furniture in the house, regardless of whether they are Indian or not.The look of Indian wooden furniture could be changed quite easily. If, after the passage of some years, you feel that you would want to look it somewhat different, you can position to another part of your room.Indian wooden furniture is timeless. It has never been out of fashion and could be used at any part of your home. It has never been out of style and you could, well almost, readily pick up any piece of Indian furniture safely. Indian furniture is great value for money, nonetheless.

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